Earthquake Insurance

Broader coverage, higher limits and lower deductibles can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings to homeowners.

Earthquake insurance premiums depend on where you live, the age and construction type, number of stories and the insured value of your home.

What Coverages Do You Need?

Dwelling – This is the residential structure - either your house or your condo. Dwelling coverage pays for repairs or replacement (up to your policy limit) for your home when structural damage exceeds the policy deductible.

Contents – This is coverage that pays for repair or replacement of personal property usual to the occupancy of a dwelling and owned or used by a policyholder while it is at the residence premises.

Loss of Use - If you are unable to live in your home after it has been damaged from an earthquake, this coverage can pay for temporary living expenses.

Loss Assessments - In the event of earthquake damage to condos, the homeowners association could impose an assessment to pay for repairs.  Loss Assessment coverage helps pay your share of certain assessments.

Deductible - Policy deductibles are based on the share of loss that you are responsible for. It’s not an amount of money a policyholder must have or pay before receiving money for your claims.

Are You Living In An Active Earthquake Area?

The U.S. Geological Study Earthquake Hazards Program shows real-time earthquakes in your state.

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